Latest Web 2.0 Finds…

I am always looking for great ideas to use in the classroom no matter what the subject area. These will be updated often.

My deli.cious site: is often a good place to start, as I am often bookmarking sites and ideas.

My 10 sites to look at for the week.

  1. A list of Australian Twitter Educators (I was surprised to find myself on this list!)
  2. Online Diagram Software- something a little different, but very good!
  3. Great ways of comparing digital and traditional practices…i.e. tools. A Must see site.
  4. Teacher Training Australia – face -face PD and Online training.
  5. 50 Tools for Digital Storytelling
  6. How to increase your influence online – very important as an education consultant/trainer
  7. 60 second recaps on Literature- great site for English/HUMS
  8. I love this concept map with all the branches of new technologies (ok well, maybe not new as I have discovered just some of them).
  9. Quiz that enables students to donate rice..
  10. Real time twitter trends

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