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Creating eBooks for whatever purpose whether it is for your classroom or even for publishing for your own interest (i.e. family genealogy) is becoming a lot easier with tools that are available online. It also depends on what format you decide to work with.

An ADE colleague (Cheryl Davis) has shared her site: which lists how to write eBooks using:

Write an eBook - Pads & Pods

    These are some of the sites that I found:


    There are also WYSIWYG (in other words, What You See Is What You Get) editors.

    Sigil is one of these sites:

    sigil - Project Hosting on Google Code

    ePub Bud is another such site where you can create, convert and then publish your books.

    ePub Bud - Publish, Convert, Store, and Download free children_s ebooks online for the iPad and nook! is another site I have looked into and I know a few colleagues have published material into eBooks and into physical books (on this year’s list of things to do!). The great thing is that you can create your books, assign an ISBN number (barcoding for books globally) and then publish into different e-bookstores.

    eBooks -

    A great way to create eBooks for the classroom is via Powerpoint (ok, easier for Primary School children, especially the younger grades).

    Here is a site that includes an eBook template for Powerpoint.

    The other thing to consider with eBooks is are they suitable for people with limited vision, or who have complete vision impairment. Text to Speech (TTS) is a vital tool and often something that is missed out for those students in education who are audio learners rather than visual learners. There are some tools online and apps that are worth looking at, will follow these up in a later post.

    There are some books or sites where these books are already formatted correctly for “Daisy”. Daisy- Digital Accessible Information System

    1. is a great site because these free books are converted to HTML format which means they are compatible with “Text to Speech” Software online.

    Here is some free “Text to Speech” online tools that you can access:


    The next post, will be looking at eBook formats and how to convert these for online reading and for mobile devices.

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